Brand Positioning

We have a full arsenal of brand tools to help your organisation define its brand positioning statement. The starting point is always your audience, how you match what you do best with your audience’s needs is where your positioning lies. Finding your unique differentiators in this space is how you stand out from competitors and appeal to your audience.

We’ll work with you to understand and define your audience, the benefits you offer (functional and emotional), and your substantiates to support your positioning. From there it’s about defining your winning proposition ‘what your brand does best’, finding the nuggets that differentiate you from your competitors, and supporting you to communicate that in a way that cuts through and resonates with your audience.

There are 4 key outputs we’re aiming for here:

  • A clearly defined target audience identified by their potential to ‘want’ what you’re selling. You wanting them is irrelevant – they have to want you.
  • A clearly defined category – customers need to understand where you play in your market.
  • Your brand promise – what you offer, how it’s differentiated and how confidently you stand by it. It’s not about what you do, but the value (both emotionally and functionally) offered to your audience from what you do.
  • The brand belief – all of the reasons to believe all of the above need to be beautifully crafted to be understood, and to matter.

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