Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy is the art of unlocking the DNA of a brand, one of your most valuable, if not most valuable assets of your business. And there is more to this than meets the eye.

You can create a beautiful brand identity, brand playbooks and guidelines, and even a brilliant brand wheel that you’re all really proud of and on board with. But the reality of your brand is how it resonates with your customer audiences, where it lives in their hearts and minds, and whether that super impressive mission statement, value set and those distinctive brand assets really matter to them at all. The good news is that a brand is a work in progress and can be influenced, reset and reshaped through a great brand strategy and development process.

We have years of experience and proven results from growing the brands we work with. We’ll take your organisation on a voyage of brand discovery from proposition to performance in our end-to-end brand evolution process. A clear proposition, a sense of purpose, a brand story, the ‘why’ your team needs to get them motivated and the ‘why’ your audience needs to make them buy once, and again and again are all outputs of our process. Taking your team with us gives them a brand tool kit to support them in believing in the brand, implementing it consistently and living by it daily.

And it’s not just strategic brand theory. Our work with you leads us to deliver impactful, persuasive brand messaging: we design powerful, crafted brand identities that stand out from the crowd and deliver in a multi channel world. Our specialist teams then turn to delivering interruptive advertising campaigns to build brand fame, fluency and feeling – the three Fs of branding.

Our approach is as applicable in B2B as it is in B2C consumer environments. All brands need a means of becoming famous for what they do, to maximise their power and value. And a set of communication tools to help your brand resonate with its distinct audiences is, as far as we’re concerned, an absolute must-have.

We can work with you to create a brand from scratch, or re-imagine one that’s lost its way a little, to evolve it alongside product and service stretch, or simply to move with the times.

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