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What’s the big idea?

Everyone’s looking for one, a compelling concept that inspires people to choose your brand over everyone else’s. And be it advertising or design, every agency in the known universe will claim that they - and only they - are capable of coming up with big ideas as easy as pulling rabbits out of hats.

Maybe they’ve got headwear that we don’t have (we doubt it). But at the Lane we find it requires a fair bit of work to come up with the idea that’s both exactly right and big enough. A heady cocktail of strategic thinking, creativity and perspiration usually does the trick.


Apparently advertising has been around since Ancient Rome, so technology aside, the chances are there’s nothing new out there.

That’s why we’ll not pretend we have some top-secret gizmo that turns audiences into customers in the blink of an eye. For us the question isn’t what? It’s how? And our know-how gets results for our clients, simple as that.

Integrated campaigns.

Every brief answered by The Lane will be presented in an integrated way. That’s because the test of an idea is how it works in every medium possible, across channels and platforms. Even if you didn’t ask for it in the first place, it’s always worth exploring anyway.

We don’t do disintegrated.


Even in this digital age there’s still something special about the touchy feel of great print. And it speaks volumes about a brand. Again, it’s all about you and results for you. So no matter how good our design work is (and it is good) it isn’t great unless it’s commercially relevant.