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Border Biscuits case study

Improving awareness of Border Biscuits? It's not secret.
Are you a Border hoarder?
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Qualitative research threw up a very interesting fact about purchasers of Border Biscuits. People loved the taste but they weren’t so keen on sharing them with their partners or children. In fact, they often went to great lengths just to keep them concealed



Armed with this insight, we created a press campaign that ran in national women’s magazines throughout the UK. We also worked alongside Border’s PR partners to create a social media campaign that motivated Facebook and Twitter users to share their secret hiding places.

Border hoarder FB


Although press advertising effectiveness is notorious to track, we can proudly point to the fact that sales of biscuits were up almost 22% on the same period last year with like for like levels of pricing and distribution. And that’s not a statistic to hide away.

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