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If you are having problems getting your Google Shopping ads running or converting, having technical issues or need expertise on enhancing your shopping feeds then get in touch for an audit.

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Google Shopping FAQs

Google Shopping Product Listing ads are data-feed driven product listing adverts that appear in Google when a user searches for a product. This differs from Google Search Ads as it provides more detailed information to the user such as a product image, price, style, buying options and much more.

These ads tend to appear at the top before any search ads in a carousel format and also within Google’s Shopping Tab. They are designed to help a high intent user connect to a product. Unlike Google Search, Google Shopping relies on the information you provide in the data-feed to match to the search term.

You must link your product data to a feed and most e-commerce websites now have applications designed to help you with this if you do not have a bespoke one designed by a developer.

The product data is uploaded to Google Merchant Centre and then connected to the Google Ads platform where your agency will create campaigns and set but that are strategically organised to help you make the most of your spend.

  • High quality images – typically these are product images on a white background and depending on your industry they may or may not include a model. For some products, a model may be distracting. Looking at what your competitors are doing can help give a general sense of what works well.
  • Clear product descriptions to provide the customer with all the information they need to make a purchase.
  • Detailed and front weighted titles to attract customers as well will ensure a consistent experience for the user. Google also prefers that a product title is set in a particular order typically with brand and then gender (varies by industry and search volume).

Paid Search focuses entirely on text-based ads while paid shopping is focused on product-based ads served on the first page and the shopping page of the search engine results page.

Depending on what website you use you may need someone to build a custom feed for you. However, most platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce & Magento have been designed in a way to allow you to do this via an app/API. Depending on the size of your product catalogue we can also use Google Sheets. We have specialists and solutions to support you with the set up.


There are a number of reasons you may not see your Google Shopping ads. Some of these are below:

  • Data Feed Optimisation: Unlike search campaigns, Google shopping campaigns don’t rely on keyword bidding. Google does rely heavily on the information that is in your data feed to match is to the and individuals search. Ensuring you have a well optimised product title and all the relevant attributes filled in correctly and as much as possible will help to ensure your product is show first.
  • Bid Strategy & Budgets: 
    It could also be that your budget is too low or your target ROAS is too high. Depending on your objective these could limit your exposure.
  • Technical Set Up Issues: And lastly, it may be that your account is not linked correctly. Google Shopping requires a connection between the ads interface and the Merchant Centre (where your product feed is hosted).




Client Testimonials

I feel in very safe and capable hands with the Lane Media team. They just seem to get it and I feel comfortable knowing they are working in the background getting things done and keeping an eye on spend/performance. Not only that I thoroughly enjoy working with them and look forward to progressing things further. I really believe Lane are going to be key to the next stage of our growth.

Becs Glaze, Marketing, Glaze & Gordon

The Lane team have delivered first class results across our paid media activities. Most notably, a revenue increase of +64% (YoY) has been delivered from Google Shopping activity while continuing to return outstanding ROAS and conversion rate metrics. Our partnership has proven to be a great success and I look forward to working with the team going forward on our future projects.

Chris Humpherson, Director, Tractor Ted

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