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Supermarket search

Supermarket search is an online tool that allows brands to promote their products across different placements on tesco.com, sainsbury’s.co.uk and waitrose.com. At Lane Media we can select placements that will help your brand to stand out in competitive categories, bypassing organic search rankings and showing the product within the top 3 search results.

Supermarket Search campaigns drive trackable impressions, clicks & sales, resulting in a fully measurable campaign, complete with a return-on-investment (ROI) or return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) figures. We can set up campaigns tactically or as always-on activity to improve organic search ranking, drive trial of new-product-developments (NPD) and increase sales, repeat purchases and brand awareness.

Targeted Audience

Capture an audience that are actively looking for your type of product. These customers already have an intent to buy.


Highly Measurable

Generate up-to-date reports and ROAS figures. Campaigns can be easily adjusted for example: change budgets, timings and the products being promoted.



Set daily or campaign budgets and which, are only spent when a customer clicks on your products.


Supermarket Search FAQs

In its simplest form, supermarket search uses a google-like paid search methodology to help your brand to appear first for product or ingredient related searches. This type of campaign is based on clicks, not impressions, and so can offer advanced measurability and even show a ROAS figure. This is not something that is commonly shared with traditional website placements or banners booked via the retailers themselves.

Depending on what site you are looking to promote on, there are a few options to consider. By sponsoring a brand’s products against relevant keywords (e.g. biscuits, chocolate, juice), we can then essentially bid to appear as one of the top 3 search results for that keyword. In addition to keyword search campaigns, sainsburys.co.uk offers the ability to cross-sell a brand’s products alongside another product that it would typically be consumed with for example, cereal and milk; crackers and cheese. There’s also ‘check out before you go’, category and below grid placements. Our team is experienced to know which placements work for which products. This can be competitive, so we can help ensure the budget is being spent wisely.

You have full control over the budget and how it is spent. You are only paying when someone clicks on your sponsored product meaning you have far greater control. The budget can also be adjusted at any time, as well as having the ability to pause campaigns if necessary.


Supermarket Search

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