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Hello, we’re The Lane.

A hand selected team of multi- disciplined marketing professionals working closely together in one of the country’s fastest growing and most exciting agencies.

Now meet the team.

Ali Findlay

Chief Executive

Every orchestra needs a conductor and Ali is the one holding the baton. Having founded The Lane in 2008 and turning it into one of Scotland’s fastest growing and most respected agencies, she loves nothing better than planning future strategies for our clients.

Chris Bruce

Managing Director – The Lane Agency

With a track record honed within financial services, Chris brings strong leadership skills to the agency and is responsible for managing the team. Chris sets very high standards for those working alongside him. Almost as high as the ones he sets himself.

Barry Fearn

Managing Director – Lane Media

Responsible for planning media strategy across a wide range of clients and sectors, Barry loves to get stuck right into the post campaign analysis of what has and hasn’t worked. Which must get a little dull. As ninety-nine times out of a hundred, it has.

Ian Duncan

Director of Planning and Operations

Don’t let the laid back aura of effortless relaxation fool you. Behind the veneer lies a colossus of capability in the increasingly complex world of digital planning. What Ian doesn’t know about an online user journey simply isn’t worth a click.

Paul Borthwick

Business Development Director

Paul works across both the creative and media side of The Lane, which means nobody knows more about our business. So, if you’re interested in our credentials or services, he’s your man. He’s also got an encyclopaedic knowledge of all the Laners – from favourite foods to taste in music – basically, there’s nothing he can’t tell you about our agency.

Peter Donaldson

Media Director

With over 20 years experience strategically planning and buying media above the line, Peter is one of the most respected figures within media, going about his everyday business with the silence and stealth of a hungry viper.

Rob Schmitt

Technical Director

Our trilingual Cape Town native has been building websites professionally since 1996, giving him a wealth of experience that’s put to good use overseeing our technical output. The usability and intuitiveness of a CMS is key for a man as skilled in programming languages as he is in verbal ones.

Ian Fletcher

Creative Director

Ian’s elevator pitch: “I love what I do that’s why I’ve been doing it for over twenty years. I come up with ideas, make them look good and help others do the same. I get results but make sure we have a good time getting there.” End of.

Ross Mackie

Design Director

With years of design experience working with some of the biggest names in the industry, Ross’ knowledge is second to none. Always in demand for fresh approaches, with high-tech looks in motion graphics and website design ensuring a site is as pleasing to navigate as it is to look at. Ross possesses an exceptional talent when it comes to making the complex, simple.

Ollie Cunningham

Design Director

Whether its timeless brand identities or solving complex user experience (UX) problems, Ollie’s approach is to question everything: there is always a better way. And being an ultra marathon runner its fair to say he’s ready to go the distance.

Mark Phillips


An all-round top digital designer with household brand names like Nando’s, RBS, Famous Grouse and IRN-BRU under his belt, Mark loves nothing more (except possibly Hibs) than using design to get a message across visually or, his personal favourite, creating motion graphics for social media.

Alice Mitchell

Senior Account Manager

Super-organised and with great client rapport, Alice has a fair bit of photo and film shoot experience across Scotland and for a wide range of brands; so she’s a safe pair of hands to handle all kinds of accounts.

Jaimie Grosset

Account Director

From social media to fully integrated campaigns, there’s barely an area of digital that isn’t catered for by Jaimie’s extensive expertise. A globetrotting adventure junkie, Jaimie’s able to keep a keen eye on all the moving parts of whatever project she’s working on… and still manages to bring the banter.

Ria McAdam

Media Director

One of the rising stars we’re proud to have on board, Ria is a highly capable operator who excels in the field of Digital Media Planning. As well as being Google Partner accredited, Ria is skilled in her understanding of social media strategies and the benefits these bring to clients.

Natalie Henderson

Media Strategy Director

Twenty years in the business and yet always looking to approach the challenge of media planning and research with vigour and innovation. Natalie is an integral part of the agency team and commands fierce loyalty amongst her client base.

Will Campbell

Head of Paid Search

The tallest guy in the office is also the one with the furthest reach in the world of paid search, with 15 years’ experience spanning multiple sectors from local to global. If you want your brand to be found online, Will is your man (his digital audits are the stuff of legend).

Vicky Anderson

Media Planner

Coming from a marketing & advertising background and based in Lane Media, Vicky loves all things digital. Supporting on the day-to-day running of clients’ digital activity, she enjoys analysing the data to makes sense of it all. Need to ensure your campaign’s fully optimised? Look no further.

Sallie Bale

Account Director

Sallie specialises in brand and advertising strategy which completely suits her “mix of left brain logic and right brain rationality” and makes her totally at home at The Lane. She’s also the president and founder of Bloom Scotland and dog mama to woman’s best friend, Betty.

Mairi Roberts

Account Director

One of our most experienced project managers, Mairi is a real embracer of change, whether that’s on one of her digital projects, spotting a new bird in her garden or finding a new gin for the drinks cabinet.

Blake Robinson

Account Director

Originally from Sydney, Blake now puts his clinical nutrition training to good use by managing food and drink accounts at The Lane. Sampling the entire British range of confectionary is his 2021 challenge. Purely for research purposes, obviously.

Orla Fitzsimons

Senior Account Manager

Never one to shy away from an Irish stereotype, Orla’s signature dish is Guinness wheaten bread. Her guilty secret, when she’s not working her socks off at the Lane is her obsession with The Kardashians but despite this she is impressively experienced in corporate comms across a wide range of sectors, and is always a calm, capable and reassuring presence for her happy clients.

Catriona Munro


Catriona is proudly from the Scottish Borders and coincidentally she’s bordering on the obsessive when it comes to design perfection, with a particular penchant for the Scandinavian aesthetic after studying design in Finland, via Aberdeen. Her other passion is cycling and during a virtual team challenge where we ‘pedalled’ the 14,000 km from Edinburgh to Cape Town, Catriona put everyone to shame by doing more than the rest of the agency combined!

Diarmuid Corkery

Art Director

After a brief stint thinking he was an artist, Diarmuid figured being an art director might be a better option. Since then he’s worked with a wide range of different clients, including financial, government and FMCG, and he gets a real kick out of coming up with ideas. He also enjoys making animations and attempting to write Tweets that get more than 10 likes.

Tony Haughey

Senior Artworker

Tony brings an invaluable skillset to the team with two decades of IT experience complemented by his experience as a Senior Artworker. Skilled in digital printing, typography, design, and origination having worked on a diverse client list including Edinburgh Leisure, St Columba’s Hospice, Kwik-Fit Insurance, Tennent’s and Stewart Milne Homes.

Liam Hall

Performance Manager

Originating from the client-side, Liam brings a background in customer acquisition to his digital media planning and buying at The Lane. He’s Google Analytics and Ads certified, experienced in PPC and programmatic display, and always ready to jump into emerging channels, resulting in a minor TikTok addiction. He’s also dog dad to a labrador named Phoebe Buffay.

Sarah Healy

Account Director

Sarah has 10+ years experience in media planning and buying across traditional and digital media channels. Loves a pivot table, happy to chat pixels and most likely found up a hill at the weekend with her trusty sidekick beagle.

Emily Lou

Performance Media Executive

A zillennial always with an eye on emerging trends and an ear to a podcast, Emily proclaims herself to be tri-lingual in English, Cantonese and Dundonian and began working life in the public attraction and cultural sector. She’s a true devotee of all things social and digital.

Hazel Whyte

Performance Marketing

Hazel describes herself as a ‘lively Glaswegian’ who loves her road bike and is a self confessed data geek. Highly analytical, Google Shopping/data feed optimisation is a particular speciality and her original study of Psychology has been invaluable for her work revealing customer trends and habits. She is The Lane’s secret weapon when it comes to Performance Marketing.

Victor Vicart

Content Marketing Campaign Manager

Frenchman Victor brings a certain je ne sais quoi to the team, to his post metal/doom/progressive rock band DVNE and to his role leading our content planning across a wide range of clients across all sectors.

Lauren Alberigo

Account Manager

A true instinctive marketeer with a background in digital but enjoying the full mix at The Lane, Lauren has an adorable cockapoo, Lottie, and makes a mean negroni. Her ambition is to be fluent in Italian (the negronis are helping).

Trine Paterson

Operations & Traffic Manager

Tremendous Trine is on her second tour of duty as traffic manager, keeping the Laners in line and making sure that all our projects run on time, to brief and to budget. We couldn’t live without her calming presence, and her chocolate fudge!

Kelly Jones

Account Manager

With a background in beauty PR, networking, events and graphic design, Kelly is a smiley social butterfly who is nevertheless a stickler for detail and fabulously well organised, looking after her accounts with true dedication (and lots of coffee).


Canis Lupus Familiaris

Buckie, the office dog known for his calming influence on the #Laners, barking at the buzzer and cruelly growling at any unsuspecting curly haired visitor – when it comes to curly locks, his own are the only set tolerated. Buckie loves the #Laners