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Out of home

The sheer reach and versatility of Out of Home (OOH) advertising is phenomenal, with the ability to play on consumer location and activity: handled well, it’s media planning and creative gold.

Consumers can be interrupted when they’re on the go in their everyday environments. From their regular commute, to their supermarket shop. It’s widely used for high impact, highly visual campaigns, but it is so much more than that. OOH can target by format, location, by audience segment and context. The devil is in the detail – line by line planning of 6 sheet locations, for example, can mimic consumer journeys but requires experience of both locale and consumer behaviour. It also relies on a close working relationship with the outdoor contractors to ensure up-to-date knowledge. All of which can be demonstrated our Lane Media planning specialists.

Highly Visible

Outdoor media is being consumed in everyday environments. A highly visibly format, ideal for making a big impact.

Location Specific Targeting

Strategically selecting outdoor media in locations that are relevant to the target audience or that are seen by a high volume of traffic.

Creative Flexibility

Out of home provides opportunity to create eye-catching designs with powerful messages and catch the viewers attention, making a lasting impact.

Out of Home FAQs

There are many formats when it comes to out of home advertising. For example billboards, transit advertising (including buses, taxis and subways), street furniture (bus shelters, kiosks and benches) and other experimental options such as brand installations, pop-up shops and events.

Programmatic OOH allows us to create and deliver highly targeted, data-driven campaigns that are more relevant and engaging to consumers. Campaigns can be measured in real-time and adjusted accordingly to optimise performance. Therefore, there is greater flexibility and agility in campaigns, as adjustments can be made to messaging and targeting, based on changing consumer behaviours and trends.

At Lane Media we can assist in planning your out of home campaign. We use our expertise and data resources to identify potential locations and evaluate cost-effectiveness. We have extensive knowledge and provide recommendations on how to best optimise your campaign, such as when to use dynamic content, targeting specific times of day or delving into programmatic.


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Out of Home

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