The sheer reach and versatility of Out of Home advertising is phenomenal, with the ability to play on consumer location and activity: handled well, it’s media planning and creative gold.

Consumers can be interrupted when they’re on the go in their everyday environments, from their regular commute to their supermarket shop. It’s widely used for high impact, highly visual campaigns, but it is so much more than that. OOH can target by format – bus-rears vs. washroom panels, location – high street vs. local convenience stores, by audience segment (overlaid by Moasic targeting) and context – health (gyms), relaxation (cinemas), kids (soft-play). The devil is in the detail – line by line planning of 6 sheet locations, for example, can mimic consumer journeys but requires experience of both locale and consumer behaviour. It also relies on a close working relationship with the outdoor contractors to ensure up-to-date knowledge. All of which can be demonstrated by The Lane Media planning specialists on a daily basis.

Developments in digital and contractor consolidation have made for huge changes and a new sense of fluidity in the OOH landscape. Alongside our good old static poster stalwarts, automated and programmatic buying now offer advertisers more flexibility, innovation and contextual capabilities in their engagement with consumers.

We’ve seen weather and temperature triggered advertising, daypart scheduling and live results, but what about face recognition and personalised messages? The ability to reach a targeted broadcast audience has never been greater and we are at the forefront of the Out of Home revolution. The industry growth is fuelled by sheer expansion of inventory, new formats and technological advances which allow for integration (particularly between mobile usage and OOH) giving us elements like location, real time and data, to create a truly integrated approach to the consumer journey.  We filter the optimal blend of solutions for each campaign, making best use of all formats and technology for maximum visibility amongst your chosen target audience. From local to national and even international (targeting shoppers in the largest mall in the US, for example).

The future is here and we’re welcoming it with open arms.

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