The press marketplace in the UK is especially rich and varied, spanning regional, local and national newspapers, supplements and a broad range of trade and consumer magazines. Because these publications are actively purchased or subscribed to, they have an enviably strong affinity with customers.

This ‘appointment to view’ reader loyalty gives print a distinct status – a newspaper or magazine can be viewed repeatedly and at the reader’s convenience and gives the reader the opportunity to study an advert at their leisure. It means we can tailor campaigns to favourite titles. It could be capitalising on important ‘me time’ when individuals are in a more receptive state of mind. Or piggy-backing the dynamism of live news stories to maximise journalistic reporting with ‘news-worthy’ advertising campaigns.

In this world of digitalisation, clients need our experience more than ever to navigate the merging of formats and understand the mindset of consumers and how they are engaging with content and individual press titles. Our mantra is to never underestimate the power of brand reputation: big names in print media offer strong content and elicit trust. This authority and credibility halo effect is a precious commodity and something that brands and organisations can profitably tap into.

Press opportunities include:

  • Display – all formats, advertising and advertorials, understanding consumers’ reading habits for best positioning and stand out.
  • Classified – be it recruitment, motors or travel, working to maximise direct response.
  • Inserts – via newspapers and magazines, utilising regional opportunities and targeted options (subscription vs. newsstand).
  • Sponsorship – offering ownership of relevant content and providing frequency and longevity.
  • Partnerships – which could involve all of the above plus competitions, promotions, events, wraps, editorial and integrated digital activity.

It’s all about cherry-picking the best of what’s out there and creating bespoke press solutions. We’ve even been known to create our own unique advertising formats when necessary!

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