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Brand identity

The best brand identities are instantly recognisable and at a glance they say something about how you want to portray your business to your customers from the corporate or product name to the visual design of your logo, your tone of voice to your colour palette, shapes and graphics applied in representing your organisation. A great brand identity will translate into a positive brand image, they are not, however, the same thing.

OK, so you’re not Apple or Coke, Adidas or Nike, but there is something you can learn from them, and it’s this: these global giants have never stopped investing in their brand, regardless of how well known it is, because they know it differentiates them from their competitors and directly affects their sales and market share.

Our brands are built on the solid foundation of a brand wheel: personality & values, proposition & essence, benefits & substantaitors.

Still not convinced about investing in a brilliant brand development process? Well, here are some other no-brainer benefits:

  • Great brands command a price premium and that’s as equally applicable in B2B as it is in B2C – it’s about being recognised and trusted. Even for SMEs, a strong brand identity and positioning that resonates will elevate you: it communicates a message that says you provide quality worth paying for. This alone can give you the edge over your competitors. Simply put, if you look and sound better, you must be better, because a great brand identity provides a perception of quality.
  • Marketing is all about getting noticed and being memorable, a great brand identity helps you stand out from the crowd and be remembered in a packed marketplace, sparking recognition and building loyalty across your organisation through internal and external pride. When it comes to recommendation, good brands are more likely to be referred to your customers’ networks.
  • And then there’s trust – a strong brand reflects an established business that’s invested in their brand and has become better known, is understood to be experienced and is therefore considered more reliable.

If you’ve already read this far, you already know that you need a stronger brand identity for your organisation, and we’ve just reminded you why. Why not join us for a cuppa to chat it through?


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