Amazon has long been considered a threat to eCommerce businesses and is often cited as a contributor to declining sales. With almost nine in ten Brits (86%!) shopping on Amazon and four out of them now Prime members there’s no doubt that the global giant strikes fear into many retailers.

BUT, there is a way to make the extraordinary success of Amazon work for you.

Amazon understands consumer behaviour and has done a consistently amazing job at broadening its target market. Lane Media can help businesses use this to their advantage by steering them through the complexities of the growing range of sophisticated advertising products available. Our specialists will work with clients to generate more orders, increase sales, improve marketing cost efficiency and ROI, and most importantly boost profits.

There are many moving parts to a successful Amazon Advertising strategy. It involves striking the right balance between automatic and manual targeting and utilising these strategies to identify the most profitable keywords for your business. Whatever your product category, we can offer you an account that fully complies with all current best practice requirements and is managed with optimum performance in mind. We know exactly what it takes to make sure you’re driving maximum ROI and can, from ACOS to ROAS, help you demystify the many metrics involved.

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