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Advertising effectiveness

Effectiveness can be a divisive word. The holy grail desired by all clients and alarming to some agencies. Not ours. Our job is to deliver Big Ideas and Better Results. So, before you start planning your campaign, work with us on what you’d like to measure.

Different performance objectives require different approaches to measurement. Understanding whether a campaign has worked is ultimately about selling more of your product or service but there are a lot of steps along the way that can be measured – awareness, engagement, preference, intent, conversion, advocacy. We’ll work with you to establish the goals for your campaign and be clear about what you should and could measure. We are all about proving in tangible ways that your advertising campaign is working, using benchmarks, metrics, KPI and data, data, data.

HOWEVER, we are also more upfront than most about the fact that many benefits of marketing are intangible and therefore tricky to measure. One of the very best outcomes of a great campaign is its memorability. But how do you measure that? How do you truly and accurately measure recognition and intent if someone saw your ad, was influenced by it, and buys your product six months or a year later? The truth is you can’t, so the key thing to track are longer term trends, buying habits and patterns. Not an immediate post-campaign ROI interrogation. Though we do that too – it’s a great morale booster apart from anything else. Just saying.


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