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Media planning

Ever-changing and fast paced, today’s media landscape is constantly shape-shifting. It takes real skill and a combination of solid industry experience and in-depth knowledge to navigate this complex marketplace confidently, and identify exactly the right mix for our clients.

Originally the medium used to reach the masses, but television has changed dramatically in the last few years – and we’re very much tunes in to those changes. Technology like Addressable TV (via Sky AdSmart) and Video On Demand services (such as the ITV Hub or All 4) allow for laser-guided ways of targeting specific audiences, right down to the viewers postcode in some cases.

Meticulous analytics and long-nurtured relationships with media owners also play a critical part. That’s how we offer value to every client. We don’t need a big budget to negotiate our media buy. Why? Because the close relationships our media agency have built over the years with our media partners mean that we have a strong negotiating position from the get go.

For each and every campaign, from modest budget to generous spend, our team of in-house media agency specialists will use all their combined expertise to devise an effective and ultra-tailored solution. Developed to get results across the whole spectrum of marketing objectives, from direct response ROI to brand awareness gains, whatever the campaign scale, the strategy will always be to create a high performing blend of formats and media.

Our approach to media planning is simple. We’ll interrogate your brief, taking the time to completely immerse ourselves in your brand and your goals. We inform our decision-making with intelligence gathered from a multitude of sources and media insight tools. A thorough understanding of performance, media, marketplace and customer trends allows us to fine tune our media planning and build strategies that are truly impartial and totally results-driven.

Even post-campaign we don’t stand still, drilling down into the results, measuring effectiveness and identifying key learnings. That way our media planning can genuinely contribute to the long term success of a business, far beyond the basic bottom line.

Our team is made up of a collection of specialists in specific channels, each of whom is an expert in their own field such as paid search, paid social or broadcast media, but with experience across the whole range of media channels. We don’t silo our media planning at The Lane, so every one of our experienced team applies our holistic approach to building the right cross-channel plan. Whether it’s broadcast media such as TV or Radio, Out of Home, Print or Digital, together we’ll find the optimum media planning mix for your campaign.

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