Traditionally TV was the media channel used to reach the masses and the preserve of big budget brands. But commercial TV opportunities for advertisers have expanded significantly in the last decade, opening up new avenues despite changing viewing habits. Live television viewing is still strong but how people consume TV and video has transformed. Commercial TV is in a state of flux with the rise of subscriber video on demand (VOD) platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ et al., responding to the desire of viewers to watch what they want, when they want to watch it.

The main broadcasters have responded proactively to this trend by developing their own free-to-view VOD platforms (BBC iPlayer, ITV hub, All4, SkyGo, etc). These platforms now form the central part of the broadcasters’ medium-to-long-term strategy. Content was king for many years but now the big broadcasters realise that quality delivery platforms are equally important to keep their viewers engaged.

At Lane Media we’re very much tuned into those opportunities. Technology like Addressable TV via Sky AdSmart and Finecast for Broadcaster VOD now allow for laser-guided ways of regionally targeting specific audiences on the big screen, right down to the viewer’s postcode in some cases. TV is no longer the exclusive preserve of big budget advertisers and far more of our clients are now taking advantage with our help.

We chart the most cost-efficient course through the many platform/channel options available to reach our clients’ target audience. As an independent media agency with TV planning and buying specialists on board, our media team believe in doing what will deliver for the client. Not what fits into our own specific broadcast deal commitments.

Regional TV sponsorship is another cost-efficient vehicle for advertisers and in the award-winning case study below you can see the excellent results delivered for our client Border Biscuits and their flagship Dark Chocolate Ginger biscuit through the “Warming the Dark Nights” sponsorship on STV in the winter of 2019.

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