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Formerly preserved for ‘big budget brands’, the modern TV landscape now has significantly expanded providing opportunities for brands of all sizes of budget.

Changing viewing habits and the rise of subscriber video on demand (VOD) platforms has transformed commercial TV, allowing viewers to watch what they want, when they want. At Lane Media we can help you navigate the options and select what is best for your business.

We’re taking advantage of opportunities like Addressable TV to regionally target specific audiences on the big screen. As an independent media agency, we prioritise delivering the best solutions for clients rather than fitting into broadcast deal commitments.

Broad Reach

TV is one of the most widely used forms of media in the world therefore, there is the potential to reach large and diverse audiences.


High Impact

With the potential of high reach, TV provides an opportunity to create an eye catching ad that will make a high impact.


Targeted Messaging

With the rise of digital TV, we can target specific demographics with ads relevant to the target audience, their lifestyles and viewing habits.



Addressable TV is a targeted advertising approach that allows us to deliver specific ads to targeted individuals or households. We have used the likes of Sky AdSmart to pinpoint audiences based on their demographics, interests and purchasing behaviour. This is made possible by leveraging data and technology used to identify these audiences. Addressable TV allows us to tailor the message to specific viewers, which means higher engagement. This approach also allows us to track real-time performance and targeting strategies, making this an effective tool for reaching specific viewers.

TV advertising is normally bought and sold through media agencies (like us!) or directly through the television networks. These slots can be purchased depending on the time of day, network and audience demographics.

TV sponsorship is another cost-efficient vehicle for advertisers. You can see the excellent results delivered for our client Border Biscuits and their flagship Dark Chocolate Ginger biscuit through the “Warming the Dark Nights” sponsorship on STV.

TV is great for reaching a broad audience and creating impact. It can also be used for a more targeted approach with the use of addressable TV. We can help ensure all the pieces come together to produce an effective and measurable TV campaign.


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