Border Biscuits are a Scottish family run business, crafting a range of goodies that include the number one special treat biscuit in Scotland – Border Dark Chocolate Ginger.

Competing against the big hitters like Cadbury, Fox’s Biscuits and Bahlsen, they turned to Lane Media to light a fire under their new creative in an aim to take a bigger bite out of the biscuit market and drum up some extra brand awareness.


Hot off the press, the campaign from championed the famously fiery one with bold visuals and alliterative tasting notes. Then it was over to us add a smoking hot media plan.

Armed with less than 25% of competitor Bahlsen’s annual media budget, we needed to out-think them – and out-think them we did. With detailed data insight, we created a media budget that had the potential to have genuine impact in Border’s Scottish heartland, but also drive awareness, consideration and purchase uplift across the rest of the UK. It hit all the target audience hot spots – at home, on the move and directly prior to point of purchase.

Knowing that 65% of biscuits are an afternoon or evening treat, we cosied up to key TV dramas with a bespoke television sponsorship of the STV ‘Evening’ schedule. Over 3M adults saw the sponsorship at least once and our accompanying VOD Pause Ad delivered a 10.35% CTR – more than double the placement benchmark.

We infiltrated downtime with placements in women’s magazines and National Press supplements, while paid social media made Chocolate Gingers the hot topic with more than 450,000 engagements.

Our streetwise Out of Home placements caught the eye of evening commuters and ‘hot-housed’ supermarket HQs with forensic-level analysis – all topped off with supermarket digital 6 Sheets at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Asda.

Safe to say, our target market had a hard time avoiding us.


Our results were pretty sweet.

Border Biscuits saw a 48% product sales uplift during the campaign run in the UK, increasing to 111% in Scotland. Their Chocolate Gingers were selling like hot cakes – or should we say hot biscuits?

As a bonus, the whole range had a boost off the back of the campaign with 15% brand sales uplift YOY.

UK brand awareness doubled and the audience was left with a strong ginger aftertaste – post campaign awareness impressed with 58% in the UK and 81% in Scotland.

“Lane Media’s collaborative approach to working with Border Biscuits and our other agency partners has been invaluable to the success of ‘Famously Fiery’. They have supported us in evolving our media channel selection with some impactful media placements, led by a combination of insight and innovation. We are delighted with the success.”

Suzie Carlaw

Marketing Manager, Border Biscuits


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