Menzies Aviation are a global airport logistics supplier with a heritage dating back to 1833. They asked us to work with them on their brand – giving it more of a human feel. As a global organisation in over 200 airports across six continents, any new creative had to be clear and easily translated.


Through workshops and site visits, a real sense of pride and passion became obvious. So we put Menzies people at the heart of a new brand look and feel. Along with an updated photography style featuring the employees, we also created a simple new strapline for the brand: ‘People. Passion. Pride. Since 1833’.


Launch comms included new designs and a website, plus updated social channels. This rolled out globally as the pandemic threatened the whole aviation industry. Thankfully, the campaign became a rallying call to employees – helping to create a real sense of identity. Menzies continued growth has led to a £550 million takeover bid from NAS – double the valuation at the time.

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