Outseer is a leading provider of anti-fraud technology, trusted by financial institutions across the UK, EMEA, US, and Asia to secure millions of customer transactions every day.

Lane Media were tasked with launching Outseer’s new brand to a global audience of senior financial professionals, while working within a limited budget. Through careful planning and strategic execution, Lane Media delivered a successful multi-channel campaign that put Outseer on the map and positioned them as a leader in the industry.

Today, financial institutions worldwide can confidently rely on Outseer’s cutting-edge technology to prevent fraudulent activity and protect their customers’ financial interests.


Our strategy was to launch a campaign that would gain exposure in unconventional B2B advertising channels, while still targeting the specific B2B audience of C suite executives. Our objective was to create the illusion of a larger campaign than it actually was.

To achieve this, we executed attention-grabbing outdoor placements in New York and London, which included a digital screen in Times Square, featuring highly engaging content that stood out from the usual B2B approach. In addition, we utilized cab tops that were geofenced to serve only within the financial and theatre districts in New York, providing us with 100% share of voice.

The impact of this out of home activity was recorded in both locations and shared in global financial centres such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, London, Frankfurt & New York on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

However, we did not stop there, as we wanted to reach top business leaders. We managed to secure a coveted front-page solus ad in all four editions of the Financial Times, which allowed us to further engage with our target audience. Additionally, we used LinkedIn ads targeted specifically to C suite executives, and we also sent direct mail to CEOs and other top executives of target companies.

We also turned our attention to the targeting capabilities of connected TV, utilising Sky Adsmart and the equivalent via NBCU in the US. This allowed us to execute a tightly focused campaign aimed at C-suite executives and senior decision-makers across five key locations in the US and London . By zooming in on these specific individuals, to the tune of 2.5 million global impressions, we were again able to create the illusion of much more substantial campaign without the target audience realising they were being specifically singled out. It meant we could reach our desired audience and firmly establish Outseer as a prominent player in the industry.


We engaged with our research partner DRG to track pre and post-campaign brand awareness, and the results were highly encouraging.

In the key US market awareness increased by a fantastic 20% while in the UK we saw an outstanding brand awareness jump of 400%.

More significantly, 13% of the UK sample and 11% of the US sample recalled Outseer advertising without any prompting. When prompted, the number of people who recalled Outseer advertising increased to 21% in the UK and 26% in the US, indicating a significant impact on brand recall among the target audience.

Interestingly, 37% of those surveyed in the UK saw the advertising as relevant to them in some way, while the percentage was even higher in the US, with 55% holding the same opinion. The marketing message appears to have resonated well with the audience, particularly in the US.

The most likely response in both the UK and the US was to seek out more information on the company. Specifically, 35% of those surveyed in the UK were more likely to learn more about Outseer, while a staggering 63% of the US sample expressed the same sentiment.

Finally, those in more senior positions and IT/business decision-makers were more receptive to Outseer’s advertising, indicating that the campaign was well-targeted to key audiences. Overall, the results were highly encouraging, and we are excited to build on this success in future campaigns.

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