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Oceans 10 (million)

Somewhere, over the rainbow, we will enter bounce-back territory.

Barry Fearn • 19th May 2020

Creative media: Why we love it when a plan comes together

Are you familiar with the works of a chap by the name of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry? A French national, Antoine had more than a few strings to his bow. In his 44 years he covered just a few different disciplines; a writer, poet, aristocrat, journalist and (of course) pioneering aviator. So there’s a good amount of gravitas behind his well known quote that goes; ‘a goal without a plan is just a wish.’ After all, being such an accomplished individual, he should know.

Barry Fearn • 7th Nov 2017

Do your media & advertising agencies need relationship counselling?

Media and advertising need each other to thrive, but all too often it can seem like these two forces are clashing with each other rather than supporting each other. Barry Fearn, MD of Lane Media - our media arm, gives his take on how the relationship can work and how it should work.

Barry Fearn • 11th May 2017