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Understanding Behavioural Principles and How they Apply to the Web

By comprehending the building blocks to human behaviour, we can enhance our methods of communication, information presentation, and streamline user experiences. It can help designers create intuitive interfaces that align with how users naturally interact with technology, making their overall experience of a brand or service more enjoyable.  In an ever-evolving world, what constants can […]

Jaimie Bell • 14th Feb 2024

Raining Cats & Dogs

As a project manager, we often have curve balls coming at us from all angles; if there’s silence we start to feel a sense of unease. Our job is to problem-solve, to ask questions and lots of them. Every project has its own little hiccups and it’s how we prepare for them that will determine our success. I have a couple of top tips and learning’s I’ve taken from running projects over the years;

Jaimie Bell • 15th Sep 2015