Being an Intern

Belen Mielgo • 7th Jul 2015

As a student, I was looking for a placement where I could contribute with my varied skills and develop them. I was attracted to The Lane because it is a multi-disciplinary agency and it could provide me with great experience and knowledge in all of the areas I’ve ever wanted to work on.

Luckily, I was given the chance to join the team in a creative placement. I have been working on a range of digital design, illustration and 3d motion graphics projects, including storyboarding and creating infographics. It works both ways; I’m a keen illustrator and The Lane has utilised my drawing skills on projects that might have been presented in a different way had I not been working with them. I have previously worked as a design intern in Madrid and Lisbon, creating print and digital designs and illustrations, but being at The Lane has given me experience in animation and 3D modelling too. It is great to feel like we are trading skills and knowledge. It has been a month since I started at The Lane and it is extremely rewarding. Throughout the four weeks, I have been working on live projects and have had a great insight into how a multi-service agency works. I have also discovered many things about myself including the way I like to work. The first ‘real-world’ work problems, such as the importance of really strong attention to detail and delivering great work on time are essential to carrying out a successful project.

This placement has given me confidence from the very first moment I walked into the studio. I feel like I am a valuable member of Team Lane. The team I’ve been working with have been very supportive and patient, always willing to help and answer my questions and doubts. My ideas have always been listened to and appreciated, which is so beneficial for me as an intern; it makes me feel productive and efficient. Moreover, it motivates me to think out of the box, be more creative and have the confidence to communicate my ideas. I have definitely gained a wealth of experience in my time at The Lane. It is an ideal foundation, together with my Masters in Design, to further my professional career development. A real placement is one in which the intern is involved in real projects and that is exactly what The Lane has offered me, hence why I couldn’t be more grateful.

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