Creating a Space for All in the Heart of Edinburgh

Ryan Barmanroy • 5th Apr 2019

If there’s one thing we love at The Lane, it’s a big project. In fact, the only thing we love more is a big project with a tight deadline. So when Ross Development Trust asked us to help them transform one of Scotland’s most iconic locations, and we only had three months to do it, we couldn’t resist.

Ross Development Trust are responsible for the reimagining of West Princes Street Gardens in the heart of Edinburgh. Having successfully delivered the redevelopment of the Ross Fountain in 2018, they are now looking to raise £25 million to transform the rest of the gardens into a world-class attraction with new theatre and visitor centre, redesigned family areas and improved public amenities, all the while improving accessibility for all visitors. 

What they needed was an iconic brand that could inspire people to donate towards the project. This meant appealing to young and old, individuals and businesses, locals and international visitors. Fast-forward through a few months of furious-paced planning, designing, illustrating, animating, website-building and stakeholder-managing we were ready to launch the new brand to firstly public-sector partners, then high-profile donors and finally the world. 

Introducing The Quaich Project: A space for all in the heart of Edinburgh. 

Using the shape of the land, our design team created a name and logo marque which mirrors the traditional drinking cup – a famous symbol of Scottish hospitality, welcoming and warmth around the world. This has been incorporated into a range of branded assets, the most high-profile of these being the brand launch video, illustrated by local artist Kate McLelland and voiced by Jorah Mormont himself, Game of Thrones actor Iain Glen.

As this is such a high-profile public project, there is always a risk of backlash against making changes to such a beloved and recognisable space. However, reaction has been almost universally positive, making it to the front page of national newspapers and a segment on the STV 6 o’clock news, all praising the launch of the project and the eye-catching new design. The video has even been shared by famous Scots around the world including KT Tunstall and Alan Cumming to name drop a few.

Like any project we take on here at The Lane, there have been highs and lows, successes and setbacks, not to mention a few early mornings and late nights. However, working with such a collaborative, trusting and inspiring client has allowed us to deliver a brand we are all extremely proud of. The Quaich Project will now be working to deliver a truly world-class space in the heart of Edinburgh that can be enjoyed for generations to come, and we’re delighted to have played our part in making it happen. 

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