Game-changing businesses of the last 10 years

Ali Findlay • 26th Mar 2019

Hitting a milestone like your tenth birthday can put you in a bit of a reflective mood. Ever since we hit double digits at the tail end of 2018, we’ve been doing some thinking about ‘then and now’. The world’s a drastically different place than it was when we first arrived on the scene. As proven by numerous businesses, a decade seems to be ample time in which to shape the world around you. 

We’ve had the pleasure of working with numerous game-changers in our time, so we thought we’d put together a quick listicle with ten Laner-picked stand-out examples that have popped up over the years. Interestingly, a quick survey round the office returned a number of Scottish-based companies who we were, of course, delighted to include! Here goes…  

1. Socially responsible business

Social responsibility has, quite rightfully, taken much more of a front seat in business and marketing over the last few years. From environmental conservation to battling toxic masculinity, the more cynical amongst us might be of the opinion that self-interest is the real motivation behind this move. For brands like our own client Peter Vardy and shoe brand Toms (who give up a portion of each sale they make to various charitable causes) or Social Bite (whose social enterprise cafes across scotland offer good food and a means of ending homelessness) it’s hard to see it as anything other than admirably sincere.

2. Special delivery

Ordering in ten years ago certainly wasn’t a new concept, but compared to today’s standards Friday night takeaway options have been blown open by the likes of Deliveroo et al. And it’s not just restaurant food that’ll come straight to your door. Edinburgh’s very own Parsley Box definitely deserve a mention with their mouth-watering menu of deliciously wholesome ready meals and next day delivery (without a single freezer involved – bonus!). Not to forget the good people at Diet Chef who’ll set you on the path to shedding a few lbs with their simple, convenient and varied menu that features ‘only the food you love’. 

3. Craft gin

That’s the main course catered for, but what about something to drink? Well the last 10 years have been very kind to us in this respect too. Especially in the craft gin world which has taken our bars by storm with a flurry of new distilleries popping up all over Scotland. Our office parties have known to feature a measure or two of the fine produce from Eden MillEdinburgh GinVerdant and Arbikie. Cheers!

4. Home-brewed goodness

If we’re talking about new developments in booze, how could we ignore the craft beer explosion of the last few years. Stalwarts of the Scottish scene, Brewdog led the charge that’s certainly not showing any signs of slowing down. Our resident office beer enthusiasts have heaped praise on subscription services such as Beer 52 as well. Craft beer delivered straight to the office? Well, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. An honourable mention must of course go to our client, The Edinburgh Beer Factory who have been making beer beautiful since 2015. 

5. Fast fashion

With a business model that means catwalk trends hit the high street quicker than you can say ‘Spring/Summer 2020’, fast fashion is well and truly here to stay. Brands such as Missguided, Pretty Little Thing and Oh Polly are leading the way. We’re especially proud of the latter who design and manufacture all their pieces in the UK for fashion forward, freethinking women. More power to ya, Polly.

6. Aye-wear

Who knew that online sunglasses would becomes such a big deal? Tens is the company built by three young photographers from Edinburgh. Armed with their aesthetic sensibilities and ‘a gazillion prototypes’ they set out to market a range of eyewear that not only makes the wearer look better, but uses bespoke filters to actually make the world look better too. Talk about vision.

7. Powerhouses

…Literally speaking. The way traditional energy companies do business is being challenged by dynamic young (Scottish!) disruptors such as People’s Energy and Flextricity. Not exactly renowned as an industry that’s always ethical or fair to its customers, it’s great to see these guys showing the old guard how it’s done with a much more responsible approach.

8. Tools of our trade

Software like Trello, Google Ad Manager and Adobe’s ever-evolving creative suite allow us to do what we do… but better. Thinking back, it’s hard to imagine life without some of these innovations. We don’t rely on tech to do our jobs for us, but when it’s coupled with all the in-house expertise and passion of our Laners… the job’s a good ‘un.

9. Big Tech

We couldn’t very well write a blog about game changing-businesses over the last decade without mentioning a few of the tech giants that have dominated the headlines (and our data allowances). Instagram and Snapchat are two obvious examples – but they hold a special significance for us in that both offer fantastic platforms for exploring creative execution and getting the jump on potent new media strategies.

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