Intern Life

Beth McCreadie • 12th Oct 2018

How do you sum up what the ‘intern life’ is like? Well, first of all, how does going to a full time job compare to going to university? For me, they’re worlds apart. As a sociable university student who’s used to juggling studies, part-time jobs and cheerleader training it was obvious that things were going to be a bit different to my norm. 

Close to finishing my degree from The University of Stirling, I naturally began to consider that all important question of ‘What next?’. It was at this point that I applied for an internship at Lane Media to become a Digital Media Analyst. And here I am 3 months later to tell the tale…

After being granted the internship I was raring to get my teeth stuck in to all things digital media. Before starting I was looking most forward to four aspects:

Meeting the Lane team
Developing my marketing and media knowledge
Gaining valuable work experience 
No longer working until 12am (bonus!)

The excitement was real. Day 1 came and it was my first taste of life as a long-distance commuter. I left my house in the suburbs of Glasgow at 6:30am to make sure I’d arrive to the office on time, bright eyed and bushy tailed for the 9am start. My first day was great. I was given my desk, introduced to my colleagues and briefed by Barry about exactly what the next few months held in store for me.

Under the fantastic supervision of the media team I was drafting Facebook adverts for clients within my first few days on the job. It was at the end of my first week that I realised the role of the intern at Lane Media is so much more than just making tea and coffee (I think I probably drank more than I made actually). I was already a truly valued member of the team. 

As the weeks flew by I was given more and more responsibility and was learning all about the ins and outs of how a media agency operates. By this point I was gaining extremely valuable skills and picking up practical know-how when it came to digital advertising (something that my fellow marketing graduates only dream of). My weekly ‘Top 5’ articles went down a treat in the office and it was clear that, even as ‘the intern’, my opinions were trusted. 

My daily roles ranged from analysing and helping to deliver campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to assisting on keyword research for numerous Paid Search clients. I’m extremely lucky to be learning the ropes from an exceptionally dynamic and talented workforce. I hope that I can one day pass on this knowledge to the next generation.

Looking back, I could never have dreamed of learning as much as I have and I’ve had a really positive internship experience. It is so rewarding being able to put four years of university learnings into practice in “real life” scenarios. Not only this, but my passion for digital marketing has grown enormously. 

Over and out, Lane Media – I’ll stay in touch!


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