Songs to fall asleep to, and a worthwhile cause to donate to

Jessica Hoggarth • 4th Dec 2019


Song: To Build a Home

Artist: The Cinematic Orchestra

The song is calming for me and is also fitting to the cause – it shows how important home is to an individual. It emphasises that home is not just a roof over your head, it is a place where memories are made, and without a home, you feel lost. Your home gives you a sense of security and belonging, which is so important for anyone, no matter who you are.


Song: Between the Bars

Artist: Elliot Smith 

I couldn’t stop listening to this song after I heard it in the film Good Will Hunting and deep-dived Elliot Smith thereafter. To me this is the best work of a life cut too short. It’s been on my late-night playlist for 20 odd years and will remain so for many more. It’s a song about addiction, a massive cause of homelessness, and never fails to hit a poignant note.


Song: How do you sleep

Artist: Sam Smith

It’s got a lovely floaty melody, and is great for drifting off to sleep. Sam Smith did a collaboration with the mindfulness app Calm, where they did a 4 hour remix of it to help you sleep.


Song: Sleep the Clock Around

Artist: Belle & Sebastian

They’re my favourite band and I’ve fallen asleep to this album hundreds of times.


Song: Moon Dude. 

Artist: Jessica Pratt 

As soon as you hear it you’ll know why. It’s a ridiculously gentle ballad about the moon gazing on the Earth. If the melody doesn’t send you into a toasty, happy slumber then the lyrics surely will.


Song 1: Woman in Chains

Artist: Tears for Fears. 

Song 2: The Downtown Lights

Artist: The Blue Nile.

Both feature singers with haunting voices and melodies that sweep you away (hopefully off to dreamland!)


Song: Nope, not a song – the voice of Sir David Attenborough.

Explanation: His voice sends me in to a trance, and although I am genuinely interested in what he has to say, sometimes I feel so relaxed I could nod off! 


Song: In the Waiting Line

Artist: Zero 7

Released in the early 2000s but I discovered it years later on a Chilled Ibiza album.  The lyrics don’t make much sense to me, but it almost always works to help me drift off.


Song: Ho Hey

Artist: The Lumineers

When the kids were little, I had a modicum of success with the Lumineers, Ho Hey…bizarrely…


Song: Not for me, I like something slightly alternative … ASMR by Tingting. Whatever works 😀


Song: Woods

Artist: Bon Iver

Explanation: No particular reason other than it’s super chill and one for a chilled and snoozy evening!


Song 1: Towards the Sun

Artist: Alexi Murdoch. 

Song 2: Heartbeats

Artist: Jose Gonzalez

Both songs have a calming, therapeutic rhythm, perfect for helping you drift off. 


Song: La femme d’argent. 

Artist: Air

A 90’s classic. For dinner parties. For lazy Sundays. For falling asleep to. I love this song.


Song: Angels

Artist. The xx

Explanation: An emotive song that makes you feel completely at ease and sleepy. Both the lyrics and the rhythm make you want to doze off into your own little world.


Song: Dakota. 

Artist: Stereophonics

A nice upbeat chilled out song, which I could happily drift off to.


Song: The Scientist

Artist: Coldplay

My daughter’s think I never sleep so it’s now their mission to find music to make me doze off, this is their first attempt!


Song: Hey You

Artist: Pink Floyd

A nice song to relax to, it has a good rhythm and makes your mind wander.  It was this or Hey Ho, or Hey Ya, or Hey You the Rock Steady Crew!


Song: Blue Gold

Artist: Stephen Fry!

Not really, Mairi’s chillout of choice is not a song at all but one of our intellectual treasures talking about lavender. Obviously.


Song: Restless 

Artist: Louis Berry

I really struggled to pick a song here. I do love the opening melody to this one but admittedly I’d have to be asleep within about 60 seconds though as then it gets me going again…

And that’s a wrap on our Lane lullabies!  

We wish all those participating in the World’s Big Sleep Out the best of luck and to remember the sleepless, cold night is all going towards a fantastic cause. 

And if you ever have trouble sleeping yourself, may we suggest you just have a wee listen to our playlizzzzzzzzzzzt over on Spotify to be right here.

Sweet dreams.

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