Ria Dunlop • 31st Aug 2015

For brands, this means being nimble; responding to positive and negative comments in real-time regarding that great service or half full packet of crisps.

The drive to be heard and share personal information provides a silver lining for us marketers, and is something that can be used advantageously to help provide efficient ROI for our clients in the digital marketplace.

From people liking their favourite TV show to following their chosen charity, we can use their shared information to capture a targeting pool for clients. Understanding the data is shaping the way that adverts are being served to people who are already interested in what the brand has to offer and therefore more likely to take that call to action – whether it be clicking on a link to make a donation, liking a page to entering a competition or downloading an app.

Would you plan a party and expect people to turn up without receiving an invite to tell them where it is? For many clients, we see a dramatic increase in followers through paid adverts on social media simply because people simply don’t know the page exists before seeing the advert.

Educated audience targeting, insightful demographic selection and tactical interest targeting will serve the advert to the relevant audience and draw people to your brand making social media a cost effective digital solution as a short term campaign boost or drip fed long term strategy.

Then the hard work begins… for your organic pages you need a planned strategy, strong creative and effective messaging to keep your fans interested, ensuring they’re not tempted away by competing brands or the surrounding clutter on their newsfeed, which could lead to un-following your brand.

It’s simple – you just need to ensure you are engaging with the correct audience, when they are online on the correct device with the correct messaging… (That’s quite a lot to get right, all of the time.)

Each day at The Lane, we’re engaged in social media analytics, researching the best formats for our clients while forecasting how best to deliver campaign objectives.   This takes a long, hard look at your current audiences and channels and how they’re performing.  We’ll then run through the targeting, messaging and creative from start to finish for each campaign, ensuring that even the social media cynic or complete novice knows where we’re heading and is on board with the strategy.

It’s true that #LanersLoveSocial but we’re also pretty good at listening to your organisation’s needs and aspirations and only recommending what’s right for your brand, and what can be resourced.

Mark Zuckerburg announced on Monday, 28th August that over one billion people logged in to Facebook in one day, so we’re wondering, what’s stopping you? 

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