Unlocking Meta’s AI potential: A deep dive into Advantage+

Emily Lou • 5th Jan 2024

Meta’s commitment to advancing AI is prominently reflected in its Meta Advantage Suite which provides advertisers with a range of different ad automation tools within the self-serve platform. For frequent users of Meta’s Ads Manager, the emergence of Advantage and Advantage+ products across various stages of ad setup are hard to miss. ‘Advantage’ features, making an appearance at the start of the year, enables you to enhance specific aspects of your standard campaign set-up. Subsequently, Advantage+ shopping campaigns, allowing you to automate the entire sales objective campaign creation process, came into play in the summer.

Ultimately, both of these product offerings rely on Meta’s robust algorithm, placing trust in its AI technology to pinpoint the right audience and deliver the most relevant creatives seamlessly to improve ad performance. Advantage+ shopping campaigns, along with Advantage features in the Meta platform, marks a change in how we set up ads, especially for e-commerce. If you are considering adopting Advantage+ for your next shopping campaign, here are some key considerations.

The Advantages of Advantage

  1. Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency

Advantage+ brings a level of efficiency to the set-up process, and in Meta’s Year of Efficiency, no word is more important. Keeping your audience broad and allowing machine learning to find the perfect audience means ad set creation is a lot faster, saving you time to focus on other aspects of campaign management (like the nitty-gritty of strategy and results). It also allows your ad sets to be more streamlined. Minimising the amount of ad sets per campaign will help it exit learning faster.

2. Creative Testing

An exciting aspect of Advantage+ is its capacity for creative testing. Advertisers can load an Advantage+ shopping campaign with up to 150 creatives and leverage the algorithm to identify which resonates best with their audience. This iterative approach allows for data-driven decisions that can enhance overall campaign performance.

3. Improved ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

Advantage+ aims to boost advertisers’ return on ad spend by optimizing campaigns based on real-time data. The algorithm’s ability to adapt and refine strategies as campaigns progress contributes to a more efficient allocation of resources, ultimately improving the ROI for advertisers.

Sticking Points

  1. Trusting Meta’s Dynamic Creatives:

While Advantage+ puts trust in Meta’s algorithm, be mindful of automatic text and creative optimisations. As explored in our pitfalls article, there is the risk the text that appears within your ad is not exactly what you or your client are envisioning.

2. Less Control

With the automation and reliance on Meta’s algorithm, advertisers might find themselves with less granular control over campaign elements. While this streamlining can enhance efficiency, some businesses may prefer more specific targeting for their paid social strategy.

3. Wider Budget Required

While Advantage+ shopping campaign is a useful tool in an e-commerce advertiser’s arsenal, it is by no means a silver bullet. Advantage+ shopping campaigns will not work for every single business. Broad by nature, these campaigns will need a broad budget to enable the algorithm to test and learn to find the right users for your business.


With the emergence of AI, Meta is offering streamlined ad sets, creative personalisation and an automated campaign set up for sales campaigns with Advantage+ shopping campaigns. However, the journey comes with considerations, and with ever-evolving updates to the self-serve platform, navigating these intricacies will be crucial for businesses looking to leverage the full potential of Meta’s Advantage Suite.

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