Why Going ‘Back to Work’ Isn’t a Bad Thing

Trine Paterson • 13th Nov 2018

Is returning to an employer a backwards step or a big leap forward? It’s a big question and easy to say ‘you should never go back’ (which I heard a few times) but the benefits for the employee and employer can be huge. Well, I decided to return to The Lane. And as it turns out, it was a really good decision.

My story here begins 8 years ago in September 2010. This was my return to work after a career break. I started on a part time basis and during the 4.5 years I spent here my role evolved from inputting invoices to Office Manager/HR/Finance. I took on more responsibility and extended my working hours. The decision to leave The Lane was not one I took lightly but a new opportunity was presented to me and, at the time, I felt I had taken my role here as far as I could. So after much thought and deliberation I made the leap. I got a lovely send off and we parted on very good terms. I followed the agency’s progress and was always delighted to hear about their successes and hear how everyone was getting on. 

Fast forward to November 2017 where, armed with more experience, I was looking for the next challenge. My ex-colleagues at The Lane were approached about a reference for me. One thing led to another and I was soon offered the chance to return in a new role. Decision time!

So, although initially conflicted, the case for returning seemed too strong to ignore. Here’s my 10 reasons why I chose to return.

1. New Opportunities. New Direction

A new role meant that I would continue to develop, learn and grow within my career but with added variety and the opportunity to use additional skills. It’d also include elements of my previous role, so, while I’ve been learning and developing on the Traffic side of things I’ve also been able to add immediate value by hitting the ground running as Office Manager.

2. More to Offer

I knew I had more to bring to The Lane than in my first stint. My time in a different organisation provided different experiences, different office culture, different ways of working, new policies and procedures to learn from and bring with me. But, it wasn’t just me that had grown. I knew that the agency itself had also developed and moved forward; older, wiser and more established (we’re 10 this year!), the policies and procedures had developed, as had their benefits and work flexibility. We both had more to offer each other.

3. The Culture

I’ve always loved the culture here. We’re are a family. We work hard, support each other and have fun together. The fact that years later I still kept up to date with the agency, was proud to have been part of it and still identified with the team was proof of that. Our values shine through and we really do follow them – Team, Truth, Talent, Tenacity. They’re a great way to guide the agency and ones I feel I can easily get behind on a personal level.

4. The People

We all spend a large part of our week in the office, so the people around us are a major factor in our enjoyment. I still knew a lot of Laners and the prospect of working with them again was definitely one worth looking forward to.

5. Inspiring Work

I’ve always been proud of the work that The Lane produces. I love meeting with and hearing about our clients, the different work they do and what we can do for them. Feeling proud of our output on daily basis is a real positive for me. Seeing our work and about and knowing that ‘we did that’… it’s a great feeling.

6. The Challenge

I love a new challenge and coming back to The Lane wouldn’t mean standing still or an easy ride. This new role has certainly kept me on my toes in a really engaging way!

7. Variety

Variety in the work we produce, the clients we work with and the Laners themselves – Variety is most definitely the spice of life here. No two days are the same at The Lane, and we all thrive on that variety. I knew the work was, and would continue to be, interesting. I knew all the people were too – so what’s not to love?

8. Existing Knowledge

I knew the Laners (well, most of them), I knew some of the clients and suppliers, I knew and liked the culture and processes. I’d be able to come to work and start doing my thing immediately. 

9. The People (…again)

Before making a final decision I came into the office to discuss the role. The welcome I got from those that I knew and some of the newer faces that I didn’t know was immediate, warm and welcoming. The meeting just confirmed my gut feeling that it’d be a good move. Once a Laner always a Laner!

I’m not the only Lane returner. There are actually four of us working here who’ve returned, which says a lot. I’ve been back for 10 months now and it’s been great. I appreciate each new development all the more as I’m seeing them with fresh eyes. It’s good to be back!

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