Purveyors of fine foods renowned for their high-quality smoked salmon and gourmet meat and game products, Inverawe partnered with our culinary-minded performance media team. Hungry for success, our collective vision was to enhance their online presence and drive sales, particularly during the crucial festive season.


For starters, we were armed with allowable ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) figures to use as a baseline to justify proactive scaling of ad spend throughout the holiday period.

Analysing past media performance, we delved deep into Inverawe’s flavourful historical data to identify winning creatives, untapped opportunities, and valuable audience insights. This in-depth exploration paved the way for a data-driven paid media approach to ‘SOND’ (September, October, November and December).

Building on the insights gained, we curated a menu of cross-channel strategy tailored for Meta & Google Ads that was just as enticing as Inverawe’s finest smoked salmon. Aligned with peak sales periods for the food industry, our creative roadmap, seasoned with gifting, personal consumption and celebration angles, aimed to capture the attention of individuals seeking culinary inspiration for festive occasions.

To maximise impact, we paired these creative angles with products that boasted the highest historical conversion rates – think Christmas hampers, bubbles, and signature smoked salmon gift packs. The goal was to create a compelling narrative that resonated with our target audience and prompted high-converting engagement. The team then built out a comprehensive shopping and search campaign strategy on Google, designed to capture in-market and high-intent traffic – tasty stuff.


We put the ‘awe’ in Inverawe. Our SOND paid media efforts generated a cross-channel ROAS of 7:1, notably generating £188k of attributable, incremental revenue. At its peak, Google activity yielded a mouth-watering 28:1 ROAS with Meta resonating remarkably well with a click-through-rate (CTR) of 3.7%, well surpassing industry averages.

It was quite the festive feast. Our strategic approach resulted in the best Christmas and holiday sales period for Inverawe in recent memory and paid media emerged as the primary channel for new customer acquisition in the marketing mix.

Inverawe’s partnership with Lane Media exemplifies the fusion of strategic planning, data-driven insights, and creative execution in achieving remarkable results. We didn’t just exceed revenue targets but also solidified Inverawe’s position as a leading choice for gourmet food enthusiasts during the festive season. Smokin’ success achieved!

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