Nairns Nything goes TV campaign


Nairn’s oaty creations have made their way into breakfasts, lunches and tea breaks across the nation for over a century. But one place they hadn’t yet graced with their goodness was the telly.

With a growing product portfolio, packaging revamp, continued sales growth and an appetite for a strategic brand reset, it was time to take the brand to the next level and build on the momentum to reach a new generation of oat-lovers.

Nairn’s wanted to win the hearts and minds of UK healthy eaters and become one of the first brands that comes to mind when people think of oats.


The campaign all started with an ‘n’. This distinctive brand asset was transformed into the strapline – Nything goes. And from that, a campaign was born.

Deciding that it was time to go against the grain, we broke away from the twee traditional feel of the past and brought a bold, colourful new world to the brand. Character-led scenes and scenarios tapped into different lifestyles and eating occasions that were as versatile as the oatcakes themselves – from a desert-making drag queen to a bendy yoga snacker.

Media planning was critical to the success of the campaign with a tasty combination of scale, reach, impact and engagement. And for the main event, it was time for Nairn’s to join the big FMCG brands on TV and it’s digital twin Broadcast Video on Demand (BVOD).

As one of our longstanding clients, we were excited to accompany Nairn’s into this new territory. Although the budget had tripled YOY, it required some intricate media planning and tenacious media buying to maximise the impact of the creative. Armed with sales data, we took a data-driven regional approach and Lane Media were able to tap into first-time advertiser media-owner led incentives from both STV & ITV to double the value of the media budget.

TV and BVOD were our lead mediums, both via linear/live programming and via cleverly targeted BVOD channels where we were able to tap into audiences who matched our ‘Living Well’ profile. Paid social allowed us to amplify the campaign and extend the conversation with our core target audiences while 10” and 15” cut down videos were produced at the time of the TV launch to capitalise on campaign impact. To top it off, our early adoption of Supermarket Search allowed us to get front of mind for popular search terms as shoppers filled their online basket.


With the pairing of Lane Agency creative and Lane Media planning and buying, we had the perfect serving of creativity and seamless execution of ‘Nything goes’ across owned and paid platforms.

It was all all-round overachievement as we outperformed awareness and ad recall market benchmarks, most notably achieving 8x recall among those exposed to the advert vs. those who were not. The campaign also saw a 40% growth in Ad Recall from Burst 1 to 2 and achieved higher ‘likelihood to purchase’ than the brand’s key competitors.

Supermarket search achieved a consistent 2:1 ROAS across both Sainsbury’s Nectar and Tesco, ratifying an expansion to Waitrose, which also delivered at 2:1.

We guess nything really is possible when nything goes.

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