For the past few years, Lane Media has been on a show-stopping journey with our arts and culture clients, turning Google Ad Grants into our favourite act to boost their online presence. From famous festivals to iconic institutions, showstoppers to sopranos. We’re proud to have worked with the likes of Edinburgh International Book Festival, V&A Dundee, Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, Scottish Opera, The Royal Lyceum, Scottish Chamber Orchestra and RSNO to expand their digital reach and fine-tune their campaigns. Our mission? Meeting Google’s Ad Grant criteria and deliver results that deserve a standing ovation.


One of the key objectives in managing Google Ad Grants for our clients is to make the most of the budget available in the competitive arts and culture space. Over the years, we’ve adopted strategies that help us bid more competitively on high-value keywords, ensuring we grab the spotlight and attract valuable traffic.

Maintaining a consistently high click-through rate (CTR) has been instrumental to ensure that we are not only targeting relevant keywords but also getting relevant traffic. Over the last three years, our arts and culture clients have enjoyed an impressive CTR that consistently sits above 10% each year. Such a high CTR demonstrates that our clients are not only reaching a wide audience but also attracting visitors who are interested in attending their shows, events or supporting their cause.


The traffic we’ve directed through Google Ad Grant campaigns has brought the spotlight onto our clients, spreading awareness about their missions and greater awareness of their charitable efforts. We navigate the strict compliance rules of Google Ad Grants and stay in tune with the latest changes, ensuring that we continue to drive valuable traffic to our clients’ websites, helping them steal the show and achieve their goals.

Lane Media’s journey with Google Ad Grants for arts and culture clients has been about maximising budgets, mastering CPCs, and delivering valuable traffic. In the past three years we have delivered a fantastic four million eyeballs and managed a magnificent $1 million of free spend across our arts and culture Google Ad Grant accounts.

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