In the fight to be named the cuppa accompaniment of choice, the Scottish family-run Border business was up against the might of the big hitters – Cadbury, Fox’s Biscuits and Bahlsen.

The David to these Goliaths, Border had the commercial ambition to achieve a growth objective of being the UK’s number 1 accessible premium biscuit brand within the sweet treat category and number 1 Special Treats Brand in their Scottish heartland.

Lane Media we’re just as hungry to hit those sweet spots.


There were a number of key ingredients to the successful multimedia strategy.

The Border brand ‘2.0’ brought a more contemporary look and feel to reach a new generation of Border biscuits buyers, aiming to make them a regular feature in their target audience’s biscuit repertoire – no longer just for special occasions.

Armed with a UK-wide above-the-line Making Moments Matter campaign, we took a modest media budget of £265k and made sure we left no crumbs.

With detailed, robust consumer research to dig deep into the data of our 3 target audiences, we developed a media strategy that talked to each. And knowing that they were high consumers of newspapers and magazines, we made sure we had plenty of coverage.

Retail media targeted shoppers with retail magazine advertising and direct response via target supermarket paid search placements.

Paid social was on hand to support activity and amplify the campaign across the UK, while Programmatic Digital out of Home & Mobile focused on postcodes with the most biscuit-building potential and on-the-go footfall.


The final media mixture was baked until golden.

Our data-driven, hyper-targeted, multimedia strategy meant our audience couldn’t avoid us.

Social delivered thousands of positive engagements while supermarket magazine vouchers delivered more than 9000 sales – 61% of which were new customers. 6,500 additional sales were directly attributable to our supermarket search activity, doubling previous campaign ROAS.

By making every media moment matter, we tipped people into purchase at the right time.

With a 4.9% sales uplift during the campaign period and 5.8% immediately post campaign period, Border took a big bite out of the biscuit market.


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