At peak times, Edinburgh Airport (EDI) faces congestion for aircraft waiting to take off. In 2015, the airport trialed new flight paths as a test solution. The trial was a success, but there were some issues from people living below the flights. EDI decided on a full consultation so they could listen to views and propose flights path options to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).


We created an inspirational campaign – linking the growth of the airport to the success of Edinburgh and ultimately Scotland. The idea focussed on growth, which is where ‘Let’s go further’ was born. Using simple illustrations helped to make the story more engaging. This also gave us more flexibility in terms of the deliverables.


‘Let’s go further’ ran for 18 months and included everything from TV, to DM, OOH, radio and social content. The Consultation Institute (an independent body) praised the approach and execution – sighting it as best practice when conducting a public consultation. What’s more, based on social channels and consultation feedback, the proposal was greeted with a positive response from the public.

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