When you’re travelling through an airport, you’ve got a lot on your mind. There’s also a LOT of information assault going on as you progress through the zones. So when long-standing client Edinburgh Airport tasked us with coming up with a retail campaign that has even more impact and cut through than ever, we knew we had to put our thinking caps on.


Everyone recognises the distinctive and identifiable airport bag tags (and haven’t we all missed them lately), so they made the perfect carrier concept for this campaign. Our team created a device that got the message across quickly, raised a wry smile, and developed top-of-mind recognition for those already in the airport.


The EDI Three Letter campaign is bright, bold and simple. It’s flexible enough to talk about retail, food and drink as well as promotions and seasonal variations.

Whether promoting a new shop opening or where to grab a last minute deal; whether we’re on a screen at the checkin, or sending out a pre-flight email, this campaign has flexibility and cut through.

And… our client at EDI thought the TLA response was pretty ACE too.

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