Our client Edinburgh Airport (EDI) asked us to collaborate on a project to create a new name and brand for their sustainability strategy. This was always going to be tricky, especially as the aviation industry is connected to high carbon use. But, with a strategy that focussed on four key sustainability pillars, we got to work.


First things first, we needed a name. The strategy was all about being better and aiming to benefit the environment, the stakeholders and the country. ‘Greater Good’ felt like the perfect solution. From here, we created a bright, clean and flexible visual style – based on the four pillars of the strategy coming together to achieve a collective ambition.


‘Greater Good’ has helped let EDI speak clearly and confidently about their sustainability aspirations. There was high media exposure around launch too – focussing on EDI’s ambition of achieving net zero carbon by 2040. And the ‘Greater Good’ brand has become a core part of EDI’s strategy – helping them achieve a more sustainable future for everyone.

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