In 2014, The Lane were asked to create a poster campaign highlighting Edinburgh Airport’s position as Scotland’s most popular airport, a fact that research has shown was not widely known by the Scottish public. This campaign ran in conjunction with CityLink who operate a dedicated bus service direct to Edinburgh Airport.


The awareness campaign depicts the iconic Airport control tower in a variety of global settings. This has gone a long way to dispel myths that Glasgow Airport flies to more destinations and caters for more passengers. Our additional challenge was to implement a tactical campaign to convince passengers in the west to consider Edinburgh as easy to get to as a departure point.


Results for our awareness campaign have been massively positive with research proving Edinburgh is now firmly known as Scotland’s leading airport. Within weeks of the tactical poster campaign running, during and around The 2014 Commonwealth Games, passenger numbers from Glasgow showed double-digit growth on this service alone. The Lane are now developing a retail campaign promoting the benefits of passengers getting to the airport earlier and making the most of its amenities.