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Fairfax & Favor case study

Building on e-commerce success through digital media strategy
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Fairfax & Favor are a luxury British brand selling premium leather and suede footwear and accessories online and at worldwide events.

Lane Media have been working with the brand since 2016, managing digital advertising across multiple channels including Paid Search, Social Media and Display.

Our primary objective is to utilise data and creativity to turn prospects into customers at the lowest possible cost per acquisition.

Digital Media Strategy

Each digital channel works in synergy to ensure we’re capturing customers at every stage in the purchase funnel.

The strategy breaks down key audience segments such as ‘lookalikes’ and gifting, ensuring advert messaging is tailored to where the customer is within the purchase journey, resulting in maximum opportunity for conversion.

Paid Search runs across Google, Shopping and Bing worldwide to ensure we are capturing relevant prospects across multiple key regions.

Retargeting forms a significant part of the ongoing strategy. Customers are segmented into website traffic windows, to ensure frequency is at a customer friendly level. Dynamic adverts are served on social media and email sends triggered when a prospect enters their email address but abandons their cart, allowing us to up-sell other products.

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Since 2016, sales have more than doubled and the cost of acquiring a new customer is consistently at a third of the allowable cost per acquisition.

The brand continues to grow alongside the digital landscape, and collectively, our focus is staying ahead of the curve while retaining loyal customers through a solid media communications process.

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