Fairfax & Favor’s luxury footwear and accessories have been a hit at country events, and just as popular on Facebook thanks to Lane Media. But we like to think there’s always room for improvement.

To diversify revenue streams away from a reliance on Facebook, we felt it was time we got the other platforms working just as hard – especially the emerging ‘shoppable’ social ones like Snapchat, TikTok and Pinterest. You know what they say, if the shoe fits…strut you stuff wherever you can.

A multi-channel paid social strategy was needed to maximise ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) and minimise CPA (Cost per Acquisition).


We put our best foot forward, focusing on creating attention-grabbing, customised content by channel, coupled with engaging ad copy. We delved deep into sequential customer journeys, learning from our own data and other benchmark data within the agency.

A dual targeting approach helped widen the sales net. This consisted of new customer acquisition via brand and USP messaging, and re-targeting previous buyers at various stages in their customer journey through a series of adverts. We also made use of lead generation where new leads were supplied into Fairfax & Favour’s CRM system with retargeting activity taking place via email.

The strategy was constantly fine-tuned, with the growth of sequential retargeting showcasing a wide range of highly engaging post-purchase adverts, featuring different products in the range.

When it came to the channels, each had a custom approach.
For Pinterest, a ‘Moments’ campaign revolved around personal events and seasonality. The ROAS was 25:1 across retargeting and 4:1 across all prospecting – the pins and pounds followed.

Snapchat is usually blacklisted from media schedules, but we love an underdog – especially one we know is a winner. We made the bold decision to add the platform to the mix and were rewarded with a twelve-fold increase in sales and a ROAS that averages 72:1.

TikTok became Fairfax & Favour’s playground as we provided fresh creative direction, and exploited new trends as soon as they emerged. This resulted in an increase of followers from 10,000 to 122,000 and an impressive 3.9M likes across all activity – not bad for a platform where the usual consensus is “the kids don’t click”.

Deploying early Betas and inventive new formats has meant that Lane Media have been consistently held up by TikTok as an example, even becoming the only UK agency to feature on their 2022 Global Trend Report.


The results swept our clients off their feet.

We massively scaled up Fairfax & Favour’s social activity and sales, raised their brand profile to new heights and built an engaged new community on emerging social channels.

Our efforts rewarded them with a +88% sales growth year on year. The Cost per Acquisition dropped significantly and they gained +21% attributable revenue on Facebook and Instagram.

Lane Media continue to be an extension of the Fairfax & Favor’s internal team, operating a flexible test, measure, refine and scale strategy. It’s a true partnership in every sense and we’re extremely proud to have contributed to the growth of their business in ways nobody could have seen coming when we first met at the Highland Show all those years ago.

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