Fairfax & Favor has become a multi-award-winning brand in less than a decade. They now occupy an enviable position as one of the must-have names in British luxury and country lifestyle fashion.

This position has been achieved using a wide variety of social media platforms, however they were keen to extend their reach and build their brand with younger audiences by leveraging the potential of TikTok.


We identified unique audiences which we targeted using a wide spectrum of campaign types and bidding strategies. These were optimised around various events which we used to grow the account. We refined our skills to fully utilise TikTok’s highly innovative algorithm, which was invaluable in seeking out and attracting a wide range of new and prospective customers for Fairfax & Favor.

TikTok is a highly distinctive platform and you have to forget much of what you think you know about advertising to leverage its true potential.  We helped the client by providing fresh creative direction and identifying and leveraging new trends as soon as they emerged. Often, small changes and tweaks make a huge difference and the account has benefited hugely from our nuanced approach.

TikTok is still relatively new, however Lane Media have deployed early Betas and innovative new formats to grow Fairfax & Favor’s presence on the platform.


Over the past year, we have increased key account metrics including reach, engagement and conversions by over 500%.

Partnering with Creators has also helped us to generate humorous and eye-catching videos. Fairfax & Favor produce native-feel ads which fit perfectly and resonate within the TikTok environment.

Fairfax & Favor utilise user-generated content to reach their target audience in a totally authentic way. As a result, their content is fun and entertaining and user engagement with the ads is hugely impressive.

If you’re wondering where to start, and how to generate successful advertising campaigns on TikTok, then look no further.  Lane Media is the natural go-to Media Agency to help you exploit TikTok’s full potential. We can work with you to devise strategies, advise on creative do’s and don’ts, assist with account and campaign set-up and ensure that everything is fully optimised. We can also provide you with clear reporting and help develop creator contacts.

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