Fairfax & Favor are a luxury, unisex British brand selling premium leather and suede footwear and accessories online and at worldwide events.

Lane Media have been working with the brand since 2016, managing digital advertising across multiple channels including Paid Social and Display.

Our role is to increase e-commerce sales of Fairfax & Favors’ beautiful range of premium footwear and accessories, scale volume of new customers, whilst maximising ROI and minimising cost per acquisition.


From the day we started working with the brand to present day, we operate a fluid test, measure, refine and scale strategy. This allows us to maximise key product launches, optimise best performing campaigns and ultimately, increase efficiency during key consumer buying and gifting seasons.

Our audiences are segmented based on their stage in the purchase journey and we serve bespoke messaging without our advertising. Campaigns are formed of two key strands, prospecting and retargeting, which are segmented into pools of new customers, social engagers, web visitors, previous purchasers, gift purchasers and subscribers.

When it comes to digital media, Fairfax & Favor are early adopters – their campaigns are always active on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, Snapchat and TikTok.


In the last year, we have also seen an increase in average order value of 15% via upselling and cross-selling tactics.

Cost per acquisition via social media consistently delivers at half of the allowable acquisition cost and since we started working with the brand we have helped increase their e-commerce revenue by 700%, with consistent year-on-year growth.

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