Green Tourism Northern Ireland was set up to ensure this part of the UK remains at the forefront of sustainable tourism. The reason this is vitally important is twofold: 43,000 jobs are supported by tourism in Northern Ireland and secondly Green Tourism is a rapidly growing worldwide trend. Having looked at existing engagement levels, we quickly knew they were seriously underperforming. Once appointed, The Lane had to do something to make the Green message more compelling and ensure visitors stayed on the site long enough to seriously consider actively booking a trip.


Our campaign uses a joined up media strategy to provide interesting and motivational content to users throughout their journey. Each piece of work helps explain how rich the area is in terms of its Green offering and what sets it apart from other less sustainable alternatives. The strands chosen were Food & Drink, Nature & Environment, Relaxation, Heritage & Culture and Myths & Legends. Our concepts were brought to life via The Website, Social Media, E-Campaigns, an App and Posters.


Prior to the campaign running, The Strangford Lough and Mourne Mountains sites received a combined total of 4,000 visits per month. Over a three month period spanning May – June 2015 our campaign increased this to 22,000 visits. Through our email competition, over 5,000 names were added to the Green Tourism database and Facebook likes increased by an impressive 525%. Main website sessions also increased in duration by over 80% proving the stickiness of the campaign messaging. Over the next two years we are committed to ensuring the campaign delivers long term results for this beautiful, but economically fragile part of the world.

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