The Royal Highland & Agricultural Society may be best known for being the powerhouse behind the Royal Highland Show, but they’ve been the steady constant, especially for rural communities across Scotland, advocating for agricultural innovation for 240 years.

They came to Lane with a question – how can we make sure our brand is prepared for the next 240 years?

Our initial answer was that there was clear tension around the charity’s heritage of innovation. The popular perception was that the brand was old fashioned, which was clashing with their long-standing reputation for pushing the industry forward.

It was time to start digging.


Working collaboratively with RHASS through one of our brand workshops, we developed their positioning going forward as the Change Architect: Optimistic, Disruptive, Ambitious and Open.

After reflecting internally, everyone agreed that it was time to step out of the shadows and into the limelight. As Scotland’s leading agricultural charity, RHASS promotes excellence by uniting communities and investing in innovation, education and wellbeing.

After planning the seeds of the brand foundations and a new future-facing focus, we developed a brand strategy and fresh new identify to help RHASS Achieve Scotland’s Agricultural Ambitions.


A new visual identity blossomed – one that now lived up to the charity’s ambitions and reflected their innovative spirit.

A bold and modern logomark is matched with a striking colour palette. The recessive soft greens, browns and blues favoured by much of the agricultural industry have been disrupted and we delivered RHASS’ new neon green and royal blue pairing. This was then rolled out across social, website and signage just in time for the 2024 Royal Highland Show where it was launched directly to the community RHASS serve.

Alongside the visuals, we created a new tone of voice for the brand with a key messaging suite to help build communications going forward.

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