As Scotland’s leading dental group with practices across the country, Clyde Munro make sure healthy teeth are never far away.

Racking up 78 locations by the end of 2022, practice and customer growth was the goal. So, Lane Media was brought in to help polish up their social and search presence.

A check-up was in order. And with Performance Media Audits across both Paid Social and Paid Search and our recommendations in hand, we were ready to sink our pearly whites in.


Clyde Munro and Lane Media have one main thing in common – ambition. That’s why we set objectives to continue their business’ exciting trajectory. We wanted to reach potential patients through the various stages of their lives – from raising brand awareness to retargeting and most prominently, lead generation.

Driving a high volume of leads, while ensuring the optimisation of digital spend was critical. We decided that a funnel approach was the way to go. Our strategy also included both ‘push and pull’ tactics to drive results by pushing the brand, services and messaging to targeted audiences (primarily through social) while also pulling in users who are in-market (through search).

Messaging personalisation and performance creative played into our lead generation. By using eye-catching, personalised ads, prospects were attracted with a fast-loading form with pre-filled information.

The dentist is sometimes a place people will actively try and avoid. Our work made sure that they couldn’t.


The results were jaw dropping.

The implementation of both paid social and paid search activity has been hugely successful, proving effective by all metrics and driving continued business growth for Clyde Munro. Social learnings also helped us to drill down into market trends and brand perceptions which identified opportunities to myth-bust and push treatment affordability messaging by making pricing more prominent.

Attributable leads from Lane Media’s performance media activity exceeded all monthly targets (+120%) with both search and social averaging over double the leads, at lower CPL (cost per lead) than the comparable period last year with ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) greatly surpassing all targets.

The crowning glory? Over 3,000 leads were directly attributable to our activity, with lead growth through search reaching +258% YOY. Those sorts of figures would put a smile on anyone’s face.

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