Safety and security are key to Menzies Aviation. Operating in over 200 airports worldwide, procedures and protocols have to be followed exactly. This puts a huge focus on staff training. Which is why they asked The Lane if we could help to make safety and security training more engaging. We said yes.


We decided to ‘gamify’ safety and security through an interactive quiz called ‘The MORSE Challenge’. The idea was to give employees monthly quiz questions, which they answer in the fastest time possible. The employee with the most answers – in the shortest time – takes pride of place at the top of the leaderboard.


Uptake was way above all internal KPI’s set by the team – with over 500 employees trying the quiz with over 30,000 plays in the launch month. In fact, colleagues were even asking when the next quiz would be released. A good reminder that training doesn’t have to be done in a classroom looking at a powerpoint presentation.

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