We’ve got a lot of salmon lovers here at The Lane, it’s a bit of a lunchtime staple in our kitchen, but until we started working with them, many of us were unaware of MOWI even though they’re the world’s largest salmon producer.

Building a successful consumer brand means being top of mind in that moment of purchase: the chiller aisle in the supermarket. For the UK consumer, MOWI in an unfamiliar word. We needed to create some fluency and familiarity around the word MOWI, and associate it with the delicious product we know and love.



To create that much needed familiarity, we made a whole new language where MOWI isn’t just tasty or healthy. In MOWI Lingo, it’s TASTI and HEALTHI.

Bringing the MOWI ‘I’ into everyday language will help to achieve fluency around the name and the brand as well as allowing us to hero the range of products and many nutritional benefits of MOWI salmon.


This brand campaign has seen MOWI gain market share against the category giants, i.e. supermarket own brand salmon. Initially launching in Sainsbury’s, MOWI can now also be found in the UK’s biggest supermarket Tesco. As for our client, safe to say they’re very HAPPI with the results so far…

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