From kimchi to kombucha (and everything in between), the world of gut health can be tricky to navigate. Nairn’s aligned with four experts in the field to help their current, and future, audiences get familiar with the best practices and tops tips for your gut. Why? Well, oats actually nourish good gut bacteria and in turn our immune system, skin, brain, mood, and even our weight.

Our objectives were:

  • To grow brand awareness and engagement
  • To enter Nairn’s into the ‘gut health’ conversation and to position them as a trusted brand in this and the wider ‘wholesome’ category.
  • To increase visits and engagement to Nairn’s web and social channels.


Coeliac Awareness week seemed like an appropriate time to kick off so we began with some attention grabbing animations and an introductory video piece by our first ambassador, vlogger Becky Excell.

Each ambassador was carefully paired to a specific demographic within the four core Nairn’s audiences: The Mac Twins for ‘Millennials’, Scott Baptie for ‘Lifestylers’, Becky Excell for ‘Coeliacs’ and Amanda Hamilton for ‘Yummy Mummies’.

We also created a range of engrossing content, including blog posts and videos, that helped amplify all this expert advice and grow our organic traffic. Not only that but we also took to Mumsnet with a sponsored forum in order to test outreach with a less engaged and informed audience in order to gain insights for future activity.

Our credentials as a fully integrated media and creative agency allowed us to ensure that the content produced was channel and audience specific. Mid campaign, it also meant we could review and optimise the content to ensure we kept CPCs low and campaign engagement high.


So, did this ‘Good Gut Feeling’ catch on?

Over 11 million impressions, 500k social engagements and 122k video views later our guts (and the stats) give a resounding ‘yes!’

On top of that we saw;

  • +50% performance against engagement benchmarks (both posts and dwell time) for our Mumsnet forum
  • 20% conversion from impression to video view (75%+) across our YouTube influencers
  • Penetration in non-core audience groups. Our Scott Baptie content, saw a 10% conversion from impression to video view
  • Exceptional results across the Facebook Network with a CPE of 2p and campaign engagement at 3x industry standard.

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