We have a long-standing working relationship with the country’s leading autism charity; Scottish Autism. This work carries through a multitude of different media, specifically direct mail, outbound email, e-bulletins and press advertising. We were tasked to create a campaign promoting the charity’s educational service at New Struan School and the current availability of places due to the successful departure of several service users.


As an exemplar facility offering dedicated support for individuals across the autism spectrum, it isn’t hard to come up with compelling reasons why children would benefit from the school’s services. What is harder, however, is producing work that successfully cuts through the clutter and make senior teachers and regional authority bodies realise that this level of care is worth paying more for.


Post campaign analysis showed an increase of over 150% in terms of new enquiries and much of the schools capacity has now been successfully filled. Scottish Autism also received praise anecdotally from local authority health experts for the sensitive way in which a complicated topic was handled.

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