Scottish SPCA recognised the value of Google Ad Grants, as part of their multimedia mix, in elevating their online presence and to connect with individuals interested in their mission. Partnering with Lane Media, they embarked on a journey to maximise the potential of Google Ad Grants, aligning their Google Search Ads to complement their overarching paid media strategy and strengthen their brand presence.


To support the Scottish SPCA’s website and amplify their broader media initiatives, the strategy for the Google Ad Grants account was all about driving traffic through strategic campaigns. Over 70 campaigns have been built to date encompassing the full range of the charity’s objectives such as donations, sponsorships, the online shop, and maximising brand searches. Each campaign was crafted to really resonate with the audience and supercharge the charity’s impact.


Expertise on the inner workings of Google Ad Grants can help charities navigate and take full advantage of its benefits. Scottish SPCA demonstrates the positive impact of Google Ad Grants at boosting a charity’s presence in the digital landscape.

Our collaboration over the last 18 months have seen some remarkable results with the team utilising the Google Ad Grants account to its full potential. Highly targeted activity with an average click-through rate of 17.46% has successfully reached the full potential Google Ad Grant amount of $10,000 consistently each month. Performance has been astounding with an average of 30,000 impressions and almost 6,000 clicks each month.

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