Rabbie’s are the award-winning small group tours operator that promise to take you beyond the guidebooks with a guaranteed experience or your money back. Speak to their customers and you’ll find that they really do walk the walk.

But how could we make their digital pre-booking experience as intuitive and successful as the tours themselves? Our brief was to create a new website that would help Rabbie’s stand out in a competitive market by improving the customer journey, removing barriers to conversion and ultimately securing growth.


Our focus was on conversion and making it as easy as possible, paying particular attention to the mobile experience, ease of navigation (Rabbie’s have a lot of tours!) and key pages like the homepage, tour details pages, and area-specific landing pages. As well giving the site a visual revamp, we brought in various conversion rate optimisation tactics to counter potential user objections. These included changes such as visually displaying key reasons to choose Rabbie’s, using iconography to draw attention to tour themes and highlights, and providing extra information on the guides. In all, we created a suite of over 25 bespoke pages, and a front-end style guide to assist Rabbie’s own development team in the implementation of the designs.


When the time came to hit the road, our new website had exactly the effect we had hoped for. The overall conversion rate increased by 49%, while revenue increased by a massive 78%. The successful relaunch has also led to further optimisation work, including targeted user surveys and split-testing new ideas for key pages.

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