The Royal Highland Show 2024 Advertising Campaign - Royal Highland OHH!
Royal Highland Show is Scotland's biggest and best day out.


As the country’s greatest gathering, The Royal Highland Show is Scotland’s biggest and best day out. But contrary to some people’s beliefs, it’s not all sheep shearing and cow judging – there’s acres of entertainment, food and family fun.
When RHASS, the charity behind the show, approached Lane to come up with their 2024 campaign to raise awareness of the show and sell those all-important tickets, we knew that the farming and country folk wouldn’t need any convincing. The real challenge was to reach new audiences to build the brand and longevity. So, Lane Media identified the groups with the most potential who hadn’t considered it as a day out before.

How could we get their attention and get them to jump on the bandwagon – or should we say tractor?


Cue the OHHs.

There are a lot of things you wouldn’t expect at the show, with axe throwing, stunt riding and drones to name just a few. These are the sort of things that would have people exclaiming OHH!

So, Lane took that realisation and ran with it, pushing the creative like never before to reach audiences that had never visited before – we even changed the show’s name – go big or go home.

The campaign built around the ‘The Royal Highland OHH’ Illustrated lockup with versions to cover a range of things to see and do, from mega-machines to animals and livestock. Our bright, bold and unmissable visuals were then rolled out across out of home, digital, YouTube pre-rolls and a striking tram wrap that followed the route from the city centre to the show’s home – with Lane Media securing those all-important prime spots.

The campaign really laid the ground for acres of epicness.


We’re confident this year’s show will be another sell-out, while attracting some new faces to discover what’s on offer.

Results coming soon…


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