The A.Hume name has always been a country favourite, but with the tactical shift to becoming Humes Outfitters they now offered a growing ‘house of brands’ and with it the potential to unlock greater online success.

Having already established a strong e-commerce foundation Humes turned to Lane Media in 2022 to unlock the full potential of their digital revenue stream – and together we did it in style.

The unifying theme across the new partnership was a one of diversification – of market positioning, of product offering, of markets and of media channels.


After an initial audit we understood where the Humes business was, where it was heading and most importantly the commercial model it needed to abide by to get there.

The audit identified over-reliance on Google as a single acquisition channel, so we strategically pivoted towards channel diversification and introduced a multifaceted paid social approach encompassing Meta (Facebook & Instagram) and TikTok. We showed off more brands, to more markets on more channels.

A wide-ranging creative strategy has allowed us to continually test, measure and refine our ad content focusing on events and trends. This allows us to cover everything from rugby to the races, and from #frazzledenglishwomen to fringe-favouring Claudia Winkleman’s traitorous looks.

We’ve been most lucky however to have secret weapons in the ever-willing Managing Director Rachel and her husband Fraser leading the creative charge online, regularly starring in organic and paid content.

Lane Media also identified a lucrative opportunity in the US market – with significantly higher Average Order Value, we tailored product ranges and marketing campaigns to stateside preferences.


The numbers say it all. A hundred-year-old shop in Kelso is now a growing multi-million pound digital brand. Lane Media are proud to play our part in this success story with attributable paid media revenue growing by 20% YOY. The introduction of paid social played a key role in this success, contributing 34% of sales. And excitingly, after a successful pilot, the now established US market attributes 10% of total paid revenue – with average order value around double that of the UK.

Our ‘made to measure’ paid media strategy has helped Humes Outfitters stride towards sustainable e-commerce success and an even more promising future of further growth through digital diversification.

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